As a member of the Salton Sea Authority Long Range Planning Committee, Alex Schriener, Jr., Associate Geologist for Earth Systems, penned these Desert Report Articles. The Desert Report is an online magazine produced by the Sierra Club of California and the Nevada Desert Committee.

The Salton Sea geothermal reservoir sits at the southern end of the Salton Sea lake. Most noteworthy, as the Salton Sea declines, more of the shoreline is exposed. Hence, questions on the production of geothermal power and recovery of minerals in the brine arise. Do they help or hinder the area? So, these articles help with the answers.


Geothermal Energy Resources at the Salton Sea

The Basics of the Geothermal System

Desert Report Fall 2017 geothermal

The first article covers the general aspects of geothermal energy and of the Salton Sea reservoir, specifically. Most of all, if you desire a sound understanding of the basics of geothermal geology, this article helps explain it.


Geothermal Energy Projects in Imperial County

Who Keeps Track?

Desert Report Spring 2018 geothermal

In addition to the first article, this second piece dives into the aspects of permitting of a geothermal project. Consequently, it describes the agencies and regulations governing geothermal development in Imperial County.


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Alex Schriener, Jr., Geologist, P.G.
Alex Schriener, Jr., Geologist, P.G.

Alex Schreiner has been a California Licensed Professional Geologist for nearly forty years, most of it in geothermal energy development and exploration. For twenty years he has worked as a geologist and Resource Manager atĀ the Salton Sea geothermal field.