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Company Culture

A sincere desire for our employees to enjoy their work while increasing skill sets and growing professionally is central to Earth Systems’ company culture.  At each of our offices, we foster a collaborative teamwork environment and offer opportunities for mentorship and professional development.  Join us to see why our average employee tenure is over 11 years.

We Love What We Do

Earth Systems network of professionals provides unending insights for those passionate about earth sciences and construction materials. Our staff get excited about asphalt compression, they sit down for a relaxing read of structural codes over the weekend, and gossip about the latest fault investigation during lunch.

We Learn From Each Other

Over the years we have cultivated a company culture where collective growth and learning are paramount. Knowledge sharing between senior experts and emerging talents is encouraged, ensuring that wisdom and innovative ideas flow in all directions. This environment of continuous learning and mutual mentorship not only enhances individual skill sets but also elevates our entire team’s capability to tackle complex challenges.

Why Earth Systems?

At Earth Systems, we empower our team with the freedom to steer their projects and career paths, trusting in their expertise and innovative problem-solving abilities. Our culture thrives on the principle that freedom from micromanagement fosters creativity, efficiency, and a deep-seated sense of ownership over one’s work that leads to outstanding results in the field of geotechnical engineering.

Our Team

Ji shin Photo

Ji Shin

President and Chief Executive Officer

Alexis Huebner

Alexis Huebner

Chief Financial Officer

Gardner _Chris

Chris Gardner

Marketing and Business Development Manager

Earth Systems

Jennie Hackett

Human Resources Manager

Juan Landron

Juan Landron

Safety Manager

Robert Down

Robert Down, PE

San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria

Anthony Mazzei

Tony Mazzei, PE, GE

Santa Barbara and Ventura

Kevin Paul

Kevin Paul, PE, GE

Perris and Bermuda Dunes

Chris Allen Headshot

Chris Allen, PG, EG


Earth Systems

Nathan Stoopes, PG

Salinas, Hollister and Fremont

Morales_Renee cropped

Renee Morales, PE, GE


Your Future is with Earth Systems

Find out why our average employee tenure is over 11 years.