Earth Systems provides a wide range of geology and hydrogeology services including assessments, geologic hazards studies, environmental impact reports, bluff retreat and wave run-up analysis, and hydrogeologic evaluations. Development plans can be significantly impacted by the geology of the area. By assessing potential geologic hazards and developing reasonable, cost-effective solutions for mitigation, Earth Systems’ professional engineering geologists and hydrogeologists assist the development process.

Geologic Hazards Studies
During geologic hazard studies, we evaluate potential geologic hazards such as landslides, tsunamis, faulting, liquefaction, and erosion. By identifying geologic hazards early in the development process, costly redesigns or delays are avoided.

Environmental Impact Reports
We assist environmental consultants in the preparation of Environmental Impact Reports by developing technical information related to geology and soils. Potential geologic and soil hazards are evaluated within the context of CEQA guidelines, including assessment of significance and appropriate mitigation.

Bluff Retreat and Wave Run-up Analysis
With ocean bluffs, river banks, or mesas, changes in the landform configuration over time due to erosion and weathering processes must be taken into account. Such studies are instrumental in determining appropriate setbacks. For ocean bluffs, reports fulfill California State Coastal Commission guidelines, and take into account coastal processes, impacts of existing nearby development, and future sea level rise.

Hydrogeologic Evaluations
Earth Systems’ hydrogeologists conduct evaluations of groundwater resources, identifying potential water sources, determining available water volume, testing and analyzing aquifers, and evaluating groundwater flow characteristics. Programs are developed by hydrogeologists to increase availability of the resource, and identify risks due to activities in the site vicinity. Where shallow groundwater may affect construction, we provide recommendations for dewatering and monitor dewatering activities.


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