Earth Systems provides a variety of environmental services for its geotechnical engineering projects, including cost-effective environmental assessments and methane surveys to help identify the presence of methane gas.

Early detection of soil and groundwater contamination can be critical for buyers, lenders, or other parties when considering a site for development. Earth Systems’ environmental team provides expertise in the detection, assessment, and remediation of soil and groundwater contamination. The goal is to develop timely and cost-effective solutions to environmental compliance issues by combining innovative technology, a strong knowledge of environmental regulations, and attention to our client’s budget and objectives.

Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation
Earth Systems geoprofessionals conduct environmental site assessments addressing environmental concerns due to the use, storage, or release of hazardous materials at or near a site. If our geoprofessionals determine that a site is affected by soil or groundwater contamination, Earth Systems willcoordinate with regulatory agencies, assist in securing permits, develop health and safety plans, and design treatment systems. We operate and maintain treatment systems, and provide monitoring to track the progress of the remediation. Once sampling indicates contaminant levels have been sufficiently reduced, Earth Systems assists the client in obtaining regulatory closure of the site.

Methane Surveys
Methane sources include natural gas fields, solid waste landfills, and fermentation of organic matter such as manure, wastewater sludge, and biodegradable feedstock. As methane gas is highly flammable, an asphyxiant, and can be explosive, it can pose a grave danger in areas where development is proposed. The professionals at Earth Systems can help identify the presence of methane gases and develop recommendations for mitigation.

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