National Public Works Week 2018

National Public Works Week 2018
The Power of Public Works

NPWW Poster 2018

This year the National Public Works Week 2018 embraces the theme “The Power of Public Works.” The celebratory week starts on Sunday, May 20th and continues through Saturday, May 26th. Accordingly, the American Public Works Association (APWA) sponsors the week and has been doing so since 1960.

Public works projects are critical to our community’s quality of life. In fact, typical public works projects include producing clean drinking water and safely removing solid waste from our homes, offices, and public facilities. Accordingly, these projects are essential to public transportation with roadways, buses, trains, etc. And, they ensure our safety with bridges and dams. Also, they devise emergency management systems, keep our parks operating, and monitor our utilities. Ultimately, public works touch our lives every day. So, honoring it with a week means recognition of its importance.


American Public Works Association (APWA)

The American Public Works Association (APWA) has over 30,000 throughout North America who highlight the importance of public works in our communities. Members of the APWA include:

  • City Engineers;
  • City Managers;
  • Utility Managers;
  • Community Development Directors;
  • Transportation Managers;
  • Park Directors;
  • County officials; as well as,
  • Representatives from engineering and other consulting firms (like Earth Systems).

Also, the APWA provides a variety of educational and networking opportunities for their members. Thus, the organization helps its’ members grow in their industries and better the communities in which they serve.