Earth Systems Corporate Seminars 2018 took place April 13th and 14th in San Luis Obispo. This gathering is a yearly opportunity for senior and emerging leaders throughout the company to share projects and pertinent industry information.

Beyond the significant case studies and discussions, Earth Systems brought in some outside presenters. Most noteworthy, the 2018 highlighted guest speakers were:

  • Brad A. Bosworth, CWI from Technicon Engineering Services, Inc. who highlighted his performance at the Bonneville Salt Flats with his land speed streamliner called Valley Fever.
  • Jeffrey Wykoff, PD from the California Nevada Cement Association (CNCA). He spoke to a history of success with cement in deep soil mixing and jet grouting.
Craig Hill, CEO of Earth Systems
Craig Hill, CEO of Earth Systems

One Company – One Vision

“Most importantly, the theme for this year is One Company – One Vision,” stated Craig Hill, CEO. “Our company has merged all our offices into one Earth Systems. As a result, this theme is pertinent to our goals right now. With offices spread throughout California, these seminars offer a chance to share experiences with our staff on both a professional and personal level.”

Fred Potthast, PE, GE, and Managing Principal echoed Craig’s vision, “First of all, these seminars are a sounding board to our encounters in the field. It gives us a bit of a forum to discuss the latest issues. Also, it is a yearly reference point to what we see in the industry. In addition, we get to socialize. In fact, that might be the most important factor.”


Earth Systems Seminars 2018 v2
Earth Systems Seminars 2018

For further information on Earth Systems and its yearly corporate seminars, please call or email the Earth Systems Corporate office. Hereis the contact information, as well as other office addresses and phone numbers.