Civil Engineer

Job Duties:

  • Schedule laboratory testing to evaluate soil types, behavior, and engineering properties.
  • Evaluate geologic and seismic hazards, including fault rupture, rockfall, landslide, tsunami inundation, liquefaction, lateral spreading, and dry sand settlement.
  • Analyze natural, fill, and reinforced slopes.
  • Evaluate distressed structures and failed slopes and conduct mitigation analysis. 
  • Provide bearing capacity, earth pressures, and pavement section design.
  • Provide analysis of and design recommendations for shallow and deep foundations.
  • Provide analysis of and design parameters for temporary and permanent earth retention.
  • Assist with providing grading and ground modification recommendations.
  • Assist with preparation of proposals, schedules, and reports to achieve project goals within budgets.
  • Provide assistance on geotechnical, forensic, and construction projects, including interfacing with clients, design professionals, and contractors.
  • Assist with developing geotechnical spreadsheets.
  • Provide assistance with drafting site plans, geologic maps, seismic hazard zones maps, and geologic cross-sections.

Minimum Requirements:

Educational and Experience Requirements: Education and Qualifications:

  • B.S. Degree in Civil Engineering with Geotechnical Engineering concentration.
  • California Licensed Professional Engineer required

1 year of work experience, skills, or knowledge in the following:

  • Experience and familiarity with geotechnical engineering practices in the Ventura, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara Counties regions.
  • Experience with working on geotechnical and seismic analyses under the jurisdiction of the California Division of the State Architect.
  • Experience interacting with clients and initiating business development.
  • Performing advanced geotechnical and seismic analyses, using RocScience SLIDE2018 software to analyze slope stability, and using RocScience RS2 program to evaluate stability by finite element analysis. 
  • Experience with multiple geotechnical software programs, such as CLiq and an Earth Systems proprietary program for analyses of liquefaction, lateral spreading, and sensitive clay settlement, and potential seismic-induced settlements of dry sands. 
  • Experience with LPILE2019 software for analyzing soil effects on pile foundations, lateral load-transfer curves for identified soil horizons. Providing optimal pile design criteria for use by structural engineers.

Travel required: Same day project site visits, at most 5 hours per week, within Ventura County and Santa Barbara County

Work Address: 1731-A Walter Street, Ventura, California 93003