Torrent Resources recently hosted the second installment of The Stormwater Speaker Series. This time it was held in Santa Ana on Wednesday, July 13th, 2016. The Speaker Series is an informal forum to discuss stormwater management in the southern California region. The intent is to share relevant information regarding stormwater and the use of drywells.

Alex Schriener, Jr, P.G., an Associate Geologist from Earth Systems, gave a talk on the protocol in estimating drywell infiltration rates. “The Torrent Resources Stormater Speaker Series is an excellent first step to moving forward the idea of water retention through the use of dry wells,” notes Mr. Schriener. “There is little doubt that the combination of the (Torrent Resources) Maxwell system coupled with good geologic evaluation makes for a successful dry well solution. Earth Systems is pleased to be a participant in this important event.”

Alex Schriener lectures at the Torrent Resources Stormwater
Alex Schriener lectures at the Torrent Resources Stormwater Speaker Series

Drywells are well-like features used to enhance the infiltration of water. The performance of a drywell is a function of the best soil layer available while basins are limited by the poorest ground layer. In addition, drywells allow higher hydrostatic pressures than in a basin’type feature. Combined, a drywell can provide a means of infiltrating water into soils that might not be suitable for standard basin systems.

For further information on upcoming dates and locations of The Stormwater Speaker Series, contact Torrent Resources at (602) 268-0785.