Earth Systems provides a wide variety of geotechnical engineering services. Prior to construction, a subsurface investigation is essential to assess site conditions and identify situations affecting the performance, viability or longevity of a project. Earth Systems’ geotechnical investigations provide a framework for planning. Unexpected soil or groundwater conditions leading to project delays and increased project costs can be avoided. Geotechnical criteria often result in more economical foundation systems and efficient geotechnical project construction.

Site Suitability Studies
Our geotechnical engineering services also include site suitability studies. When property is under consideration for development, site suitability studies can be invaluable to assess conditions affecting the desired use of the site. Studies may include percolation tests for septic systems, infiltrometer tests for LID/BMP improvements, or feasibility studies to identify potential geotechnical engineering constraints. Such studies allow for an informed decision before investing further money into a particular project site.

Geotechnical Engineering Investigations
When a project reaches the design stage, a geotechnical engineering investigation is performed. While the scope of the geotechnical report varies depending upon the project, they typically are based upon the common elements of subsurface exploration, laboratory analysis of samples, interpretation and analysis of data, and specific engineering recommendations for design.

Forensic Investigations
Earth Systems registered professionals provide engineering and construction materials expertise to assess the cause of damage to structures due to soil or drainage conditions, subsurface seepage, construction failures, landslides, erosion, subsidence, or alleged hazardous material contamination. We assist in the resolution of insurance claims, legal actions, and other disputes, and provide expert witness testimony.

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