The Ventura Community College Stadium project included construction of a new track surface and playing field, a 3,000-seat home bleacher replacement, new light standards, as well as bathrooms, concession, and storage buildings.

The geotechnical profile consisted of loose to medium dense silty sands and sandy silts with a historical high groundwater depth of 30 feet. The primary geotechnical issue at the site was total and differential settlement of about 3 inches and 1-1/2 inches, respectively, from static loads, liquefaction, seismic shaking of dry sands, and hydroconsolidation. This was particularly a problem for the bleachers and it was remedied with a stiff grid-like shallow foundation system to reduce differential movement between adjacent structural supports.

For the Ventura County Community College District, Earth Systems provided the project Geotechnical Engineering Report and consultation during construction.