Consisting of 178 units configured from single units to nine-plexes, the Tumbling Waters condominiums are two- to three-stories structures above a basement garage. The garage level extends 3 to 5 feet below surrounding grade. A single-story community center is also included in the project. As a landscape feature and potential noise barrier, a berm approximately 8 feet high was constructed. An existing creek that bisected the site was filled to accommodate the extension of adjacent roadways. A new trapezoidal channel was created to accommodate drainage that previously flowed along the creek and box and arch culverts were constructed for channel crossings. Two detention basins 3 to 4 feet deep were also constructed. Our personnel conducted soils engineering investigations, geologic studies, and an environmental assessment and monitoring program for the project. Primary concerns regarding construction at the site were variable soils, expansive soils, and liquefaction potential. Geotechnical recommendations developed to address these concerns included site preparation and grading, utility trench backfill, conventional reinforced mat foundations and continuous and spread foundations, retaining walls, pavement sections, and drainage around improvements. Our certified technicians and inspectors performed observation and testing of soils during rough grading, on-site improvements, and off-site improvements; concrete testing and special inspection for site improvements; foundation excavation observation; and testing and special inspection of concrete, reinforcing steel, and post-tensioning for the structures.