The Paso Robles Senior Housing Project comprises 40 apartment units surrounding a central courtyard, with a clubhouse on the ground floor of the southeast corner of the complex. The structures are three-story and are of stud construction with continuous and spread foundations, and slabs-on-grade. Two stairways and an elevator provide access. An asphalt concrete parking lot is also included. Earth Systems conducted a soils engineering investigation entailing site reconnaissance, field exploration, laboratory testing, and geotechnical analysis of data. The original report was subsequently undated, and our personnel provided geotechnical analysis and recommendations to address current standards. Preliminary geotechnical recommendations for site preparation, grading, utility trenches, foundations, slabs-on-grade, retaining walls, pavement sections, and drainage were developed. Primary geotechnical concerns were the potential for hydroconsolidation and the corresponding potential for settlement, and the erodible nature of the soil. To mitigate these potential effects, a program of overexcavation, moisture conditioning and recompaction of the upper soils was recommended. During construction, we performed construction testing and inspection services such as grading observation and testing, foundation excavation observations, and special inspection and testing.