The cogeneration project consists of the installation of several turbine generators that use waste gas to produce electricity for use at the wastewater treatment plant. The generators were installed in two existing buildings, and in a new masonry building that was constructed adjacent to the existing buildings. The new building is 14 by 23 feet and has a mat foundation with concrete slab-on-grade. The Earth Systems soils engineering report included site reconnaissance, subsurface exploration, laboratory testing, and engineering evaluation of data. The primary soils engineering concerns were the presence of landfill debris, the potential for liquefaction, and the expansion potential of the soil. Earth Systems recommendations included removal of landfill material in the building area, a mat foundation system bearing on firm recompacted soil, and utilities designed with flexible connections and adjustable attachments. During construction, the Earth Systems team provided testing and inspection services including grading certification, compaction testing, certification of backfill for the methane drain vault, and masonry and concrete inspection.