Pace Reservoir was originally built in 1965 and has a capacity of 1.64 million gallons for the California American Water Company and the community of Thousand Oaks, CA.

For the upgrade of the facility, the existing rectangular concrete-lined reservoir is to receive a new roof and a new liner for the interior. The existing reservoir parapet walls remain, but new 4-foot high shear walls are doweled to the existing parapet walls outside the perimeter of the structure. The combination of the new and old walls help support a new aluminum geodesic roof. New 8-inch diameter steel columns supported by pad or pedestal footings are constructed within the existing reservoir to further support the new roof. Pad footings have been cut through the existing concrete lining of the reservoir to support the new roof.

Earth System provided Geotechnical Engineering Investigations and Geologic Hazard Evaluations. Earth Systems has also been involved curing construction by providing material inspection and testing services for soils, concrete, reinforcing steel, and shop & field welding.