The Carnegie Library Rehabilitation project started after heavy rains damaged the building in 1995 that prompted a major retrofit from 1998 to 2001. Originally built in 1905, the Carnegie Library became the San Luis Obispo County Historical Museum in 1956. It now holds a gallery, research room, and a gift shop. The center promotes an understanding and appreciation of San Luis Obispo County’s┬áhistorical and cultural heritage.

The building rehabilitation involved numerous projects:

  • continuous coring of the existing masonry walls
  • placement of rebar reinforcement and grouting
  • adding a reinforced concrete tie beam at the roof line
  • replacement of the tile roof
  • the addition of seismic ties
  • and, improvements for handicapped access.

Earth Systems provided observation and testing of the core drilling, resin grouting, concrete placement, drilled anchor bolts, and welding, and materials testing of concrete, mortar, and resin grout. We also performed R-meter testing to locate the existing wall ties at the start of the project.