The Highway 46 East – Union Road Intersection Alignment Study came about due to increased traffic volumes on the highway. The non-signalized intersection has become more difficult to navigate for traffic entering from Union Road.

Earth Systems conducted a geologic/geotechnical assessment of the project area for use in the preparation of a Project Study Report-Project Development Support (PSR-PDS) that guides the process for improving these two intersections. The assessment includes review of available as-built drawings and reports from Caltrans, a site reconnaissance by a Certified Engineering Geologist and Registered Civil Engineer to assess the proposed alternatives from a geotechnical and geologic standpoint (including an ISA), and review of published reports, maps, and drawings as they relate to the proposed alternatives. The ISA addressed six possible project designs, several of which would involve acquisition of privately owned properties. Two of the six proposed alternatives include a roundabout intersection.

Earth Systems prepared a Geologic, Geotechnical, and Materials Assessment report for the project, as well as an Initial Site Assessment for hazardous materials including aerially deposited lead (ADL). That report provides preliminary guidance as to the potential for ADL and recommendations for further study.