Capable of supporting numerous large and expensive aircraft, the main runway at Edwards Air Force Base was replaced because of deterioration of the existing concrete. The first phase of work involved the construction of a temporary runway approximately 10,000-foot long asphalt runway with associated taxiway connectors. The temporary runway was used while the main runway was being replaced. The main runway is a 15,000 foot long by 300 feet wide Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) runway. For more information regarding the construction of this runway, visit the website of the US Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles District.

Quality assurance construction monitoring, and testing and inspection services which Earth Systems certified technicians and inspectors provided include:

  • grading observation,
  • field density testing of soil and aggregate base,
  • subgrade excavation observation,
  • testing and observation of asphaltic-concrete pavement,
  • Portland cement concrete sampling and testing.
  • Concrete mix designs and review of contractor submittals were provided by our registered geotechnical professionals.


Multi-Axis Thrust Stand
The Multi-axis thrust stand consists of a massive cast-in-place concrete foundation used
to support engines and resist thrust while firing. Services provided:

  • geotechnical engineering investigation,
  • geotechnical engineering report.


Military Family Housing, Areas B&E
The new residential (military) family housing involved the construction of one- and two-story wood-frame single-family structures utilizing slabs-on-grade. Services provided:

  • geotechnical engineering investigation,
  • geotechnical engineering report.