The Eagle Canyon Detention Dam and Debris Basin is an 188,300 cubic yard earthfill dam constructed to provide storm water detention within the Eagle Canyon drainage for the Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District.

Earth Systems provided geotechnical and geologic professional services during construction, as well as compaction testing and observation during fill placement. Geologic services included geologic mapping of abutments and spillway areas during grading, and fault hazards assessments of encountered faults during grading. Fault activity studies were submitted and approved by the California Division of Safety of Dams. The studies addressed fault locations, fault activity, slope stability of abutments and spillways, suitability of borrow-area soils for embankment fill construction, and suitability of bedrock foundations. Specific services included geologic mapping and oversight during preparation of dam abutments, foundation areas, and spillway, stability analysis of spillway and abutment cut slopes, concrete sampling and testing, rock bolt design and testing, and grading observation and testing during embankment construction.

Earth Systems also provided preliminary Phase I site assessments of the property during the initial site evaluations.

Here is a link to a KESQ report on the project during construction in 2014.