TheĀ Coastal Communities Cancer Center brings together cancer experts on the campus of Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura, California. The cancer center building includes a conventional two-story steel frame office space and a one-story radiation treatment center. The office area is relatively light-weight, but the thick-walled and thick-roofed (up to 8 feet thick) concrete radiation treatment area is heavy. The site was found to be susceptible to significant static, seismic induced, and hydroconsolidation settlements. The combined predicted potential settlement in the radiation treatment area of the building was 12 inches. Driven piles, deep pre-wetting in combination with surcharging, recompaction, and deep soil mixing were evaluated. Deep soil mixing was chosen to support the radiation treatment area and involved constructing about 95 soil-cement “piers” 6 feet in diameter and 40 feet deep. The light-weight office portions of the building was over-excavated and recompacted.

Earth Systems provided geotechnical investigations, foundation type evaluations, and geotechnical construction monitoring on the Coastal Communities Cancer Center project.