The Children’s Center at Caltech (CCC) is a non-profit organization providing high quality early education and care for children ages six months through six years for the Caltech, JPL, and Pasadena communities. The new state of the art facility was completed in 2012 for the California Institute of Technology.

Earth System performed a Phase I site assessment of the proposed child care center followed by a Phase II investigation to determine if onsite soil stockpiles were contaminated. The site had previously been used for construction and landscape maintenance storage. The stockpiles were not native to the site so Earth Systems was contracted to perform a Phase II report to determine if the soils contained any lead or organochlorine pesticide contamination. Earth Systems completed a geophysical assessment of the subsurface, obtained soil samples from within the on-site stockpiles and performed the required analysis to determine if there were buried tanks on site and if the stockpiled materials were suitable for use on a child care center site.