Camp Emerald Bay Wastewater Plan

Camp Emerald Bay, located on Santa Catalina Island, is a large recreation facility used by a wide variety of youth organizations. Numerous cabins, a dining hall, an aquarium building, community restrooms and showers, tent sites, a beach and dock comprise the facility. Because demand and use continue to increase, a master plan was developed which entails increased and improved infrastructure, new recreation buildings, and a new wastewater collection, treatment, and reuse system.

Earth Systems investigated the geologic, hydrogeologic, and geotechnical conditions at the site and provided conclusions regarding feasibility of percolation for treated wastewater. The geotechnical engineering investigation entailed exploratory subsurface pits, soil borings and installation of groundwater monitoring wells, laboratory testing of soil samples, and slope stability analyses. The septic/wastewater percolation study involved percolation tests in a range of geologic strata. Earth Systems designed the current conventional septic system including four overlapping or interconnected wastewater systems with septic tanks, grease traps, and leach fields.

Earth Systems services also include compliance tasks for Waste Discharge Requirements (WDR) permits required by the California Regional Water Quality Control Board – Los Angeles Region (LARWQCB). Permit compliance work associated with the on-site waste water/septic system includes periodic groundwater monitoring, sampling, and reporting. Permit compliance work associated with the marine science center large-scale aquarium includes periodic monitoring, sampling, and reporting on influent and effluent from the aquarium system.