Earth Systems is currently working on the Avila to Harford Pier Bike/Pedestrian Path project. It is approximately a one-mile long, non-motorized bike/pedestrian path linking Avila Beach Park in Avila Beach to Harford Pier at Port San Luis. The objective of the project, which is currently in the design phase, is to develop three to five alternative path concepts. The path follows Avila Beach Drive, the south side of which is bordered by an ocean bluff. The bluff is subject to wave impact and areas are known to be in an actively retreating state; there are also areas where rock rip-rap is present. The slopes along the north side are characterized by complex geologic conditions, with some areas affected by landslides and other types of instability. In view of these conditions, consideration of the geologic conditions and their ramifications will be critical when evaluating prospective alignments for the bike/pedestrian path. Earth Systems is providing geologic/geotechnical evaluation of the entire corridor, including the south, north, and possible hillside routes, on a qualitative, descriptive basis, with the objective of giving the designer a clear perspective of the geologic challenges that will be encountered and to aid in the route selection process.