Earth Systems performed a geologic hazards evaluation, a soil engineering study and a fault investigation for the proposed 10+ acre high school campus. Twelve one-story modular buildings, a gymnasium and associated playfields, and paved areas comprised the school development.

The fault trenching study determined the site was not impacted by the nearby mapped fault. The primary geotechnical hazard at the site was expansive soil. The test borings indicated potentially dry soils to at least 8 feet. The site was pre-soaked with rain birds over a period of a week to facilitate deep penetration of the water and the pre-swelling of the near surface soils. Grading began when the surface had sufficiently dried out to support the grading equipment and achieve compaction. The gymnasium building was lime-treated while the modular buildings were constructed on deep conventional foundations. Earth Systems certified technicians provided testing and observation services during the grading operations.