Amistad Continuation High School was originally constructed at its present location in 1989. This expansion began in 2010 with the demolition of a large portion of the existing school, environmental assessments, and rebuilding of the entire site and new buildings. The reconstructed school includes:

  • An auto shop building
  • Gymnasium building
  • Wood shop building
  • Library
  • Administration buildings, and
  • Numerous classroom buildings

Multiple shade structures, covered walkways and canopies were provided throughout the Amistad High School compound. Initial site preparation prior to the reconstruction included the use of stone column aggregate pier installation across the entire site due to the close proximity to the White Water storm channel and potential subsurface instability.

For the Desert Sands Unified School District, Earth Systems provided the environmental and geotechnical studies, stone column installation monitoring, geotechnical reviews, construction soil testing, materials laboratory testing and special inspection. These services were provided through the demolition, site preparation and new construction of the school.