In the beginning, the roots of the Earth Systems group of companies predates its formation in 1969. In 1954 geotechnical engineering and materials testing and special inspection were in their infancy in the San Francisco Bay Area.

A prominent Civil Engineer from Palo Alto, L. Cedric Macabee, saw this need and formed a new company named Testing and Controls. Employees included Dan Rhoades and Albert Gribaldo. Myron Jacobs was a consultant to the firm, teaching at Santa Clara University. Alvin Rathbun was hired away from Hewlett Packard to head up the financial side of the business.

In 1958, Al Gribaldo, Dan Rhoades, Myron Jacobs, and Alvin Rathbun would form a separate company, with L. Cedric Macabee’s blessing, called Peninsula Testing and Controls. A fifth individual, William F. (Bill) Jones, an engineer with a Masters degree in soil mechanics from Cal Tech would join the new firm.

A combined firm providing geotechnical engineering and materials testing and special inspection was not the trend at this time, and in 1962 Peninsula Testing and Controls was divided into two firms. Peninsula Testing and Controls would simply become Testing and Controls, providing materials testing and construction inspection.

Gribaldo, Jacobs, Jones and Associates (GJJ) would be incorporated in May 1962, specializing in soil and foundation engineering. In the mid-1960s, it was reported that GJJ had three offices, approximately 130 employees, performing 1000 soil reports per year and observing mass grading jobs moving over 10,000,000 cubic yards per year.

In March 1969, Myron Jacobs would leave GJJ to form his own company. GJJ was dissolved and a new firm Gribaldo Jones and Associates would be formed.

In April 1969, Earth Science Systems, Inc. incorporated (name later changed to Earth Systems, Inc.), acquiring the stock of Gribaldo, Jones and Associates.