Earth Systems participates in the 10th Annual Imperial Valley Renewable Energy and Water Summit.

This energy summit takes place March 15th – 17th at the Imperial Palms Hotel & Resort in Holtville, CA (near El Centro). It is hosted by the Imperial Valley Economic Development Corporation (IVEDC).

Earth Systems Energy
Earth Systems Energy

This yearly event continues the energy efforts of the IVEDC. Ultimately, their goal is to put the Imperial Valley at the top of the nation’s renewable energy leaders. Most of all, the summit brings together key energy professionals, policy makers, and regulators. Additionally, the IVEDC hosts informative programs and local energy tours throughout the Imperial Valley. Thus, topical highlights include sustainability, energy efficiency, geothermal energy, solar energy, and the benefits of the Salton Sea.


The Salton Sea Relationship

“The theme for the summit this year is “The Energy Water Nexus,” states Alexander Schriener, Jr., P.G., and Associate Geologist with Earth Systems. “Consequently, the relationship with the Salton Sea restoration projects is critical in these important energy ventures.” Mr. Schriener sits on the Salton Sea Authority Long Range Planning Committee.

The Salton Sea Restoration and Renewable Energy Initiative plans on developing up to 1,700 megawatts of new geothermal energy for the area. Further information on the Salton Sea and geothermal energy is available here.


Imperial County Natural Resources

Imperial County offers an abundance of natural resources. As a result, the Imperial Valley holds numerous avenues for geothermal, solar, and biofuels. The region offers:

  • the second largest geothermal energy producing county in the nation, generating over 500 megawatts;
  • over 360 days of annual sunshine for solar energy generation;
  • a year-round agricultural growing season, coupled with nearly 500,000 acres of productive farmland for biofuel production; and,
  • a critical location near the Salton Sea, capable of aiding to the production over 2,000 megawatts.


For further information on the Imperial Valley Renewable Energy and Water Summit, contact the IVEDC. Finally, for general information on the Imperial Valley energy potential, please see this Earth System’s post on Imperial County Energy.