Earth Systems Corporate Seminars 2020 took place on February 27th and 28th in Atascadero, CA. This annual get-together provides a unique opportunity for senior and emerging leaders of the company to share experiences in the field and other pertinent industry information.

The Time to Embrace Technology is NOW!

ES Corp Seminars 2020 - Craig Hill Opening address
Craig Hill, CEO – Opening Address

Each year, Earth Systems picks a theme for the seminars. “This year it was The Time to Embrace Technology is NOW!” states Craig Hill, CEO. “New technologies create new opportunities for us as a company. This theme fits well into the goals of Earth Systems. These seminars give us a chance to share our professional and personal experiences on the topic and bring new understandings to the entire team.”

ES Corp Seminars 2020 - Nathan Stoopes as MC
Nathan Stoopes as MC

Nathan Stoopes, managing principal of Earth Systems northern California offices, was the host of the two-day event. Nathan said, “These seminars are intended to be informational, collaborative, social, & FUN, and I think we hit it out of the park! It’s good to be reminded that our in-house experts have a lot of knowledge to share with the Team, and leveraging that expertise across all of our geographies gives us a competitive advantage to deliver projects to our clients. It is always good to hear from these co-workers. Adding to that, we had Jim Gingery, from Keller as our guest speaker. Thanks to all involved in the success of this event!”


Since 1969, Earth Systems has provided services in the fields of geotechnical engineering, geology, environmental assessments, and materials testing/special inspection. With numerous offices spanning much of the state of California, Earth Systems is able to integrate the advantages of local knowledge of geotechnical and geologic conditions coupled with statewide resources of a large consulting firm.

For further information on Earth Systems Corporate Seminars 2020, the yearly corporate seminars, or Earth Systems in general, please call or email the Earth Systems Corporate office. Here is the contact information, as well as other office addresses and phone numbers.

Earth Systems Corp Seminars
Earth Systems Corporate Seminars