Craig Hill leads Earth Systems Board of Directors


SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA – Earth Systems, Inc. (ESI) announces that President/CEO Craig Hill takes over leadership responsibility of ESI and leads the Board of Directors effective April 1st, 2017. Michael Smith retires and steps down from the leadership position becoming Chairman Emeritus.

Hence, Craig Hill retains the title of President and CEO. In addition, Michael Smith remains a shareholder and a member of the Board of Directors in his Emeritus status.

“Mike has dedicated much of his professional life to Earth Systems,” states Craig Hill. “He led this company through various economies, mergers, multiple offices, and helped make the strong Earth Systems we know today.”


MichaelSmith, PG, CEG – Chairman Emeritus
Mike Smith and Craig Hill
Mike Smith and Craig Hill at the Tolosa Solar Project

Mike joined Earth Systems in March of 1981 as manager of the Earth Systems Palmdale office. He provided geotechnical and engineering geology services specializing in fault hazard studies. Ultimately, he became a Shareholder and ESI Board member in 1983, President/CEO of Earth Systems Southern California in 1989, and President/CEO of Earth Systems, Inc. in 1994. Finally, Mike was named Chairman of the Board of Directors in July 2011.


Craig S. Hill, PE – President/CEO

Craig is President and CEO of Earth Systems, Inc. He has over 37 years of expertise in geotechnical engineering relating to project management. Most of all, he is responsible for the operations of the Earth Systems companies. Consequently, he implements those plans and policies set forth by the Board of Directors guidance on issues relating to finances, forward planning, operations, personnel, marketing, and legal.


Earth Systems

Since 1969, Earth Systems has provided exceptional services in the fields of Geotechnical, Geologic, Geophysical, Environmental, and Soil & Materials Special Inspection, to name a few. With twelve (12) offices spanning the State of California, Earth Systems integrates the advantages of local knowledge of geotechnical and geologic conditions with a wide base of professional and technical expertise.


Further Information

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Jon Jaeger, Marketing Director   (805) 781-0112


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