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Earth Day 50th Anniversary

Earth Day 50th Anniversary Today, we celebrate an Earth Day 50th Anniversary. On Wednesday, April 22nd, 1970, the movement of American environmentalism was born. The recognition of human influence on mother earth on that day was historic. Millions and millions of people throughout the country participated in what was said to be a bright, clear,… Read more »

Minimizing Environmental Risk

While it is impossible to avoid risk altogether, minimizing environmental risk before acquiring property is possible.   It could have been worse. That’s not a very comforting viewpoint when dealing with an unexpected problem on your property. The more likely thought is, “Why me?” Simple math dictates the more properties you have in your portfolio,… Read more »

Imperial County Energy

Imperial County is blessed with an abundance of green energy potential. Located in the southeastern corner of California, the County focuses¬†on agriculture. However, it is fast becoming an energy center.   Solar Energy The first area is solar energy. As a hot, desert climate Imperial County offers abundant solar energy opportunity. Numerous power complexes are… Read more »