Be it an iPhone or an Android platform; most people have an app for that specific thing deemed necessary. With the touch of a finger, one can quickly open the needed app to access its information. From a safety and workplace perspective, the smartphone or tablet connects to the very information or resources required to do the job.

The following are some recommended apps that might help in the field and while on the go.

OSHA-NIOSH Heat Safety Tool

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and the National Insitute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) partnered up to develop the Heat Safety Tool app. It is for outdoor workers during the hot summer days. This app calculates the real-time heat index based on GPS location. It displays the potential risk levels.

NIOSH Ladder Safety

As an informative app, it improves extension and step ladder safety. It provides interactive tools for measuring the correct angle, selection, inspection, and proper use of ladders.

Fall Clear LITE

This app helps calculate fall clearances for lifelines, SRL fall arrest systems, and vertical lifelines with automatic fall arresters. It specifies the worker’s position with the anchor, creates user profiles for each worker to streamline weight calculations, and customizes other essential data points such as harness types, PEA types, and lanyard lengths.


AccuWeather is detailed weather information by the hour or days. Interestingly, it utilizes crowdsourcing as part of its algorithm to forecast weather, so you can contribute to what’s happening in your immediate area. It provides lightning, wind, and other severe weather alerts.

National Trench Safety

Earth Systems recently blogged about Excavation and Trench Safety and should have listed this app. Let us correct that omission here. This NTS app builds a job site excavation checklist and accesses quick reference guides on sloping/benching or soil information. It provides instant access to safety guidelines for digging, stabilizing, and working in and around trenches. It also can sign users up for safety training directly from the mobile device.


This app gives real-time air quality reports on current air quality for ozone and fine particulate pollution (PM2.5). No matter your location, this app can tell the cleanliness of the air and associated health effects of the air quality.


Finally, this second app from NIOSH is the Sound Level Meter (SLM). It replaces an expensive noise dosimeter and works directly from your smartphone to measure noise exposure. This app helps raise awareness of noise exposure and hopefully encourages the use of hearing protection.